Making a positive difference in the lives of visually impaired people
by providing
them access to Godís Holy Word.

Braille Bibles International provides Bibles to blind people in Braille, Large Print and Audio formats. Some of these Bibles are provided at no cost while others are provided at low cost. Braille Bibles are available worldwide; however Large Print and Audio Bibles are only available to blind individuals in the United States.  We require certification of blindness and reserve the right to limit the quantity and frequency of our services.

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Contacting Braille Bibles International

Please read the information on the site before emailing or calling us with questions.

1908 Plumbers Way Ste 100, Liberty, MO 64068-7450

Mailing Address:  Post Office Box 378, Liberty, MO 64069-0378

Telephone:  (800) 52-BIBLE or (800) 522-4253

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