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Braille Bibles International believes that every blind individual that desires a Bible should have one.  Further we believe that a Bible is a personal item and one should have some choice in what version to receive.  Braille Bibles International provides Braille Bibles free of charge to visually impaired individuals.  There are also other organizations that provide other versions of the Bible, please see the Other Braille Bibles section for more information.  If you are interested in these items, you may fill out the request forms on the appropriate pages below. All online requests are verified.

King James Version

The 1611 Authorized Version Bible in Grade Two English Braille is contained in 18 Braille volumes and requires sixty inches of shelf space, twelve inches high, to store. 

New King James Version

The NKJ Version was completed in the early 1980’s and copyrighted by Thomas Nelson, Inc.  The New King James Version Bible in English Grade Two Braille is contained in 20 hardbound volumes and requires 76 inches of shelf space, twelve inches high to store. 

The Beginner’s Bible

This book of Bible stories made especially for families with either a blind child or a blind parent is just like any other, complete with pictures, except that a clear sheet of plastic with Braille on it has been inserted between the pages so that the stories can be read either in Braille or in print.    This children’s Bible is one of the best selling children’s Bibles entitled “The Beginner’s Bible” and contains 94 timeless stories written for children between the ages of 1 and 6.   The Beginner’s Bible is contained in 10 hardbound volumes and is available free of any charge.

The Children's Bible in 365 Stories

This children’s Bible with a Bible story for each day of the year, is a collection of best loved Bible stories.  The book was designed for children, ages 7 to 12.  It is in Grade Two Braille and is contained in 4 volumes.  Free upon request.

Bible Concordance

The Bible Concordance is an alphabetical listing of 1200 principle words used in the King James Bible with scripture references to the passages in which they occur.  This abridged Concordance is available in three hard-cover volumes.  Free upon request.

Compact Bible Dictionary

Edited by T. Alton Bryant for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  This Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive work with 5,000 entries.  Its explanations and definitions are concise, yet thorough, and deal with persons, places, objects and events in the Bible.  The dictionary is contained in 8 hard-cover volumes and a $100 donation is required.

The Bible Promise Book

Whatever the need of the moment, the answer is to be found in Scripture, if we take the time to search for it.  Whatever we’re feeling, whatever we’re suffering, whatever we’re hoping, the Bible has something to say to us.  This collection of Bible verses is meant for use as a handy reference when you need the Bible’s guidance on a particular problem in your life.  It is in no way intended to replace regular Bible study or the use of a concordance for in-depth study of a subject.  All topics are arranged alphabetically, for ease of use.  All Scripture is from the KJV of the Bible. The Bible Promise Book is in one hard-cover volume and is free upon request.

Secrets of Answered Prayer

This one volume, hard-cover book by Lester Sumrall will teach you how to pray effectively and have fellowship with God. 

The Helen May Martin Story

A true story written by Wilma Meek of the amazing accomplishments of Helen May Martin, a concert pianist deaf and blind since infancy. (in one soft cover booklet) Free upon request.

Decision Magazine

This magazine is a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and is published 11 times a year.  Free upon request.